• All athletes are required to show a photo ID. NO ID, NO RACE, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Every single participant, including relay participants, must have a photo ID. Youth athletes without an ID must be accompanied by a parent/guardian with a photo ID.  Annual members are required to bring their membership card every time they compete in a USAT sanctioned event. If their card has been lost, they can download and print out a temporary one at  
Important things to keep in mind during packet pickup:
  1. Below is a breakdown of all membership fees for 2014:
·         Adult Annual Membership - $50
·         Adult One-day Membership - $15
·         Youth (age 17 and under) Annual Membership - $15
·         Youth (age 17 and under) One-day Membership - $10
  1. Athletes may only pick up their own packets. Under no circumstances may an athlete pick up a packet for another person. All relay members must be present to receive the packet, or split up the relay packet for each participant.
  1. If an athlete does not bring a photo ID to packet pickup there are two options:
·         Go home to get it
·         Have someone email/fax them a copy of their photo ID

    If an athlete does not bring a USAT membership card to packet pickup there are three options:
·         Find internet access where a temporary card can be printed
·         Go home to get it
·         Purchase a one-day membership which can later be applied to a membership renewal by submitting a receipt of purchase
  1. Athletes that need to purchase a one-day license must sign the USAT waiver if it was not included with the event registration process.  Annual members do not have to sign a waiver at packet pickup because they signed it when they applied to become an annual member.